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    1. Application for Conditions of Issue 

    1.1. These conditions of Issue apply to the application for, purchase, holding and use of: 

    1.1.1 Home Match Tickets; and 

    1.1.2 Season Tickets 

    1.2. WP Rugby and/or its authorised distributors (if any) sells and issues tickets for events at the Grounds only upon the following Conditions of Issue, and by applying for, purchasing, holding or using a Match Ticket or Season Ticket or entering the relevant Ground, you shall be deemed to have accepted these Conditions of Issue.

    1.3. Any Guest(s) shall also be subject to the Conditions of Issue (but excluding any right to transfer under paragraph 5) and these will apply to such Guest(s) as if they were the original Ticket Holder (and the Ticket Holder must inform the Guest(s) of this). Any reference to the "Ticket Holder" in these Conditions of Issue shall, save where specified or where the context does not permit, be deemed to include their Guest(s). 

    1.4. The Rugby Regulations (as defined at paragraph 15) shall be incorporated into these Conditions of Issue. Where there is a conflict between these Conditions of Issue and the Rugby Regulations, the Rugby Regulations shall prevail. 

    1.5. WP Rugby reserves the rights, at its sole discretion, at any time and whilst at the Ground or otherwise, to require any person, including without limitation any Season Ticket Holder or Ticket Holder to: 

    1.5.1. collect Match Tickets in person and from such place as specified by WP Rugby in advance, including from the ticket office of WP Rugby or third-party location (as applicable); and/or

    1.5.2. provide such proof of identification and/or address as required by WP Rugby from time to time (which may include but not be limited to a valid passport or photo card driving licence), and any failure to provide such proof within the timeframe reasonably required by WP Rugby shall constitute a breach of these Conditions of Issue. 

    1.6. WP Rugby will hold and process personal information relating to you in accordance with the terms of its Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy contains more details about the processing of your personal information by WP Rugby, but some of the key purposes for which WP Rugby will process your personal information are: 

    1.6.1. where you provide consent to WP Rugby to do so, to send marketing in respect of WP Rugby's, and WP Rugby's commercial partners (a list of which is available at http://thestormers.com/about-us/#sponsors) offers, products or services; 

    1.6.2. to comply with WP Rugby's legal obligations; 

    1.6.3. to assist with health and safety compliance (including but not limited to track and trace requirements in relation to Covid-19); 

    1.6.4. to comply with requests made of WP Rugby by any third party, including legal, statutory, or regulatory authorities and/or governing bodies or organisers of rugby events/tournaments (whether in South Africa or otherwise); 

    1.6.5. for security purposes; 

    1.6.6. for record keeping and other administrative purposes; and/or

    1.6.7. to fulfil orders for any Match Ticket(s) or Season Ticket(s). 

    Full Terms and Conditions